System X Solar Panel
Ceramic Coating

Glass is a self cleaning ceramic coating,
solar electromagnetic spectrum compatible.

Solar Panel Coatings

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Through extensive research and development Element 119 can offers specifically designed coatings for solar panels. Our new solar panel coating is invisible, and lasts for up to 5 years! The best choice when you're looking for preservation and to boost energy efficiency of solar panels.

These self-cleaning coatings bounces water off, carrying dirt with it while cleaning the surface. Light, however passes through the 100% optically clear coating.

According to The US Department of Energy solar panels, reflecting less sunlight means a 3 to 6 percent increase in light-to-electricity conversion efficiency and power output of the solar cells. The water-repelling and self-cleaning properties also substantially reduce maintenance and operating costs of solar panels.

Element 119 Solar Panel Coating repels water, soil, and stains for improved efficiency. Our long lasting protection keeps solar panels cleaner and efficient in between washings and is suitable for application during manufacturture or after installation. This solution is safe on glass, plastic or thin film panels. Our solar panel ceramic coatings prevent water, soil and mineral deposit buildup for reduced costs of cleaning, care, and replacement.

Element 119's Solar Panel Coating is a hard, hydrophobic, self cleaning barrier or protection with an efficient, dust accumulation reducing function. Our solutions are highly UV resistannt, heat and chemical resistant, and ultra thin (< 1 micron). Our impact and scratch resistant solar panel coatings show a higher power output and more consistent energy efficiency.

This ceramic solar panel coating protects panel glass from erosion and staining from salt spray or mineral deposits. Able to endure harsh conditions from sub zero to extremely hot environments these coatings can be used on solar mirrors as well.

You've finally found a coating that offers real protection, not an overstated promise. Contact us today to experience what our advanced coating technologies can do for you.


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