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Xtreme is a high gloss ceramic coating
for extreme applications.

System X Xtreme Ceramic Paint Protection - Best Ceramic Coating

System X Xtreme
Testing, Data, and Application

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System X Renegade is our tried and true aircraft coating offering a up to 2 years of protection in harsh aerospace and marine environments.

Renegade is unique in that is can be both hand applied or sprayed with a HVLP gun. When sprayed it instantly flashes eliminating the need to buff off, for huge time savings.

Renegade provides a tough, long-lasting, mirror like finish that protects against corrosive elements. Through cross-linking ceramic chemistry Renegade chemically bonds with the paint, becoming the new functional surface.

This glossy shell is flexible, so when you hull swells or your wings flex the coating doesn't crack, shatter, or fragment.

Aircraft paint and marine gelcoat is expensive, and while constant exposure to sun and salt water can result in a dull looking appearance that leaves behind permanent damage. Prevent costly repaints by protecting your paint and gel coat on an annual basis.

Renegade has passed strict Boeing approval testing and withstands temps over 1000 degrees. Stop spending time cleaning and correcting paint fouled around exhaust ports with our unique aircraft and marine coating.

Renegade ceramic clear coating is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than your gelcoat and paintwork. Providing incredible protection against friction, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays.

The high gloss and application versatility System X Ceramic Protection is highly effective on a variety of surfaces. Imparting a high gloss and bringing out the full luster and sheen of your boat’s finish. Through its hydrophobic properties you’re assured cleaning can be done easily without out the use of abrasive chemicals and detergents. Save time and preserve your vessel with Xtreme Protection.

Highest Degree of Hardness System X Ceramic Protection registers over 9H on the industry’s hardness scale — equating to a coating hardness that provides an exceptional level of paint protection.

Xtreme requires a controlled envionment and takes 24 hours to dry and undergo it's inital cure. To maintain warranty annual inspections must be carried out by a certified installer. If you need a coating to apply while in the water, check out System X Renegade.

Suggested Quantities

We recommend the following product usage for the best results.

One 275ml bottle of System X Xtreme full treats a 24' vessel. Coverage approx 36 sq feet (3.34451 sq meters) per 100ml.


Contact us if you need help calculating how much product needed or to purchase case or pallet quantities.